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Angelica Rowell

My mother says that I began singing when I was 3, and throughout my life I have found the utmost importance in enriching lives through musical and theatrical storytelling. I have consistently involved myself in a multitude of artistic endeavors and communities for years, including the prestigious Chanticleer LAB Choir in the San Fransisco Bay Area, the professional co-ed music fraternity, Mu Phi Epsilon; and a small youth theatre company called Poison Apple Productions, in which I have had the opportunity to musical direct summer shows for kids ages 6-18. Music and storytelling have been my solace in the darkest of times, allowing me not only to express myself, but relate to others and bridge the chasm of differences between people. 

Over the years I have found that my passion lays primarily in telling stories that don’t get told often, but should. In other words, I aim to give the voiceless a voice through important stories revolving around difficult topics such as race, gender/social inequality, and sexual assault.  I find it vital to ensure that the stories of the minority aren’t overshadowed and get the recognition that they deserve. In hopes of bringing light to these important topics, I not only aim to perform in monumental works, but am creating my own.

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